Winning the American Visa Lottery

If you follow the guidelines stipulated herein, then prepare your mind to be in the USA come 2011.

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Tip 1: Passport nature, size and measurement.
The importance attached to passports is so enormous in the EDV programme. Passport eligibility is so strict that any fault automatically disqualifies one. Consider the below:

1) The background must be plain. White cloth covering your back is a recommended background. Ensure that your shadow, any other shadow or object don’t appear on the background.
2) Your appearance must be straight. Focus straight on the camera. Don’t look side ways. Ensure you leave some space above head level.
3) You must snap with a digital camera
4) Transferring from a digital camera to computer is recommended than scanning. This brings the best result in measurement. Scanning alters the image by either shrinking or making it bold. The passport must look natural. The passport measurement is below:
· General requirement: 600 * 600 pixel
· Hair level to Chin level: 300 – 414 pixel
· Eye level to Heart level: 336 – 414 pixel

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t have a digital camera, that’s you have no other option than scanning your passport, then contact me for help:

Here, You will learn:
1) The risks associated with passport scanning for the Visa lottery programme and avoiding them.
2) How to do your passport measurement for positive result.
3) Important tips that increase your chances of winning the American Visa lottery.

PLEASE NOTE: Most people make the mistake of scanning to get the general passport size requirement which is 600 * 600 pixel. This will be accepted during the registration but if you don’t do other measurements, you face the risk of disqualification. The Passport above illustrates a standard passport for Edv lottery.
The best computer software for passport resizing and measurement is coreldraw12.
For passport measurement and resizing using coreldraw12, download the document below:

PLEASE NOTE: The above document is passworded. For access to the password, send an email to:

Tip 2
Another method to increase your chances of winning the Visa lottery is by double application. Please don’t misunderstand this. Don’t ever make the mistake of forwarding double application as primary entrant. This is automatic disqualification. Here is the trick below:

a) If you are between 18 and 21 years old, you have 4 chances of winning the Visa lottery. Firstly, since you are up to 18, you are eligible to apply for the Visa lottery. Forward your application. That’s the first chance!
For the second chance, get your fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e i.e. the male or female you wish to marry. Register under the person as the husband or wife. As far as you have filled married, the person must not go to the embassy without you if he/she wins. In this case, be ready to marry the person when the result comes out positive. That’s the second chance.

For the third chance, Register under your father. Every parent is required to register their children below 21 years under them. Ensure your father registers for the Visa lottery program. If he wins, you are going with him. That’s the third chance!

For the fourth chance, Do same with your mum!

Really interesting?

PLEASE NOTE: It is true that those below 21 years can apply under their parents, if you have passed 21 years old and you have not acquired your international passport, you can reduce your age to enjoy this great chance. All other documents that bear your real age can be modified except International passport. That’s why I said “If you have not acquired your international passport”.

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